Record setting temperatures for May in the mid-90s
Posted on 5/15/2018 1:31:00 PM.

It is the middle of May, but we are seeing temperatures in the mid-90s. Michael Hill of the National Weather Service in New Orleans says yesterday’s temperatures were the highest we’ve seen for this time of the year. 

“This is the earliest on record that we have seen temperatures of 95-96 degrees.”

Hill says that temperatures will remain high until typical summer rain patterns begin.

“We get those afternoon showers storms start to pop off again so we won’t get quite as hot tomorrow and through the rest of the week but we got one more day of fairly warm temperatures.”

As temperatures reach record highs, Hill explains why we are experiencing warm temperatures so early.

“We have a high pressure system over the southeast United States and dry air that allows the heat to really get going across the southeast and that’s why we’ve been hot.”

National Weather Service, Michael Hill

Provided by ABC News

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