Red Cross collecting donations for Harvey relief efforts
Posted on 9/5/2017 1:04:00 AM.

Relief efforts are ongoing amid the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey, and many are asking how they can help those affected. Chairman of the Board for the Greater Baton Rouge Red Cross, Desiree Lemoine says donating money is the easiest way to give because the Red Cross can buy in bulk.

“They feed, they shelter, they bring comfort items, and they do it best. They have staging areas, they know how to get in, they know how to get out. They do it every day, and the best way to support them is to support them monetarily,” Lemoine said.

Some have questioned how they will know what efforts their dollars will support. Lemoine says Red Cross always honors the donor’s intent. She says those who wish to donate can specify what they want their donation to go towards.

“If you write a check, you write ‘Harvey’ in your memo. If you go online, it says ‘Donate to Harvey Relief,’ and it goes to Harvey relief,” Lemoine said.

Lemoine says the Red Cross delivers 91 cents of every dollar donated to the charity. She says another way to give back is to become a Red Cross volunteer. She says they have a skilled team of volunteers from all over the country.

“You fill out an application, and you need to know there will be a background check, you will be trained. The Red Cross holds in high regard the people who volunteer,” Lemoine said.

To donate or volunteer, go online to

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