Scalise: Republicans have the cure to spur the economy
Posted on 10/20/2017 3:46:00 AM.

Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise is hopeful that President Trump’s tax reform package will be passed, giving relief to millions of American’s pocketbooks. The House Majority Whip says the Republican's proposal will simplify the tax code bringing a couple of benefits.

"Over 90 percent of Americans would actually be able to do their taxes on a post card," Scalise said. "Imagine that.  You could actually do your taxes on a post card and you would be paying less because we would be lowering rates for everybody."

Scalise says their plan would help a somewhat stagnant economy take off. He cites a recent study which shows there would be a large increase in take home pay.

"The average American would see a four-thousand-dollar increase in their paychecks by cutting taxes.  It actually works, it's been proven to work by the way every time it's been done", Scalise said.
Scalise says the current corporate tax structure is scaring away companies from staying here and moving to other countries. He says he wants to work with corporations in helping them stay here.
"What I do is I meet with them and say what it is going to take to bring those good jobs back to America and the answer is universal.  It's just make America competitive again.  Being the highest corporate rate in the world is killing our middle class." 
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