Revenue Secretary says Amazon tax collection is not a new tax
Posted on 12/21/2016 5:44:00 AM.

What does Amazon’s new sales tax collecting policy mean for customers? State Revenue Secretary Kimberly Robinson says not much will change. She says even though customers haven’t seen the taxes on their purchase totals, Louisiana law has always required consumers to pay taxes on items they purchase online.

“One thing I want to make sure is clear is that the use tax is already due. This is not a new tax. I don’t want anyone to start thinking the state’s put a new tax on me,” Robinson said.

Robinson says people are supposed to self-report sales taxes on their online purchases. She says lawmakers put in place methods to collect online sales taxes beginning in July of 2017. But she says Amazon has gone forward with voluntary compliance.

“We enacted two provisions during this year’s legislative session, and when we started down that path, Amazon came in, and they were willing to talk about it,” Robinson said.

The mega online retailer announced earlier this week it will collect sales taxes on purchases made in Louisiana beginning January 1st. Robinson says this means a level playing field for in-store retailers, who have been collecting state sales taxes for decades. She says it’s also good news for the state budget.

“We’ve talked for years about the amount of money the state is missing out on as a result of online purchases because everyone doesn’t realize that the use tax is do. So we should see an improvement in collections as a result of this,” Robinson said.

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