Revised travel ban still concerning to immigrants
Posted on 3/7/2017 3:04:00 AM.

President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban has many immigrants concerned, including some in Louisiana. Iraq has been dropped from the new order, but six countries including Libya remain on it. Ibrahim Matri is an LSU student from Libya, and he questions why some countries are on this list.

“A lot of the countries that were responsible for actual terrorist attacks in the previous decade or so, those individuals’ country of origin are not on the list. That’s for political reasons, and I understand that,” Matri said.

Matri says his family was planning to come visit soon, but the original ban made it difficult to know what to expect. He says with this revised ban taking effect soon, it looks like he will have to stay put for a while and see how things progress. He says he’s worried other countries will follow suit.

“Other European countries like France or someone in the near future applying a ban that’s similar to this one, and so maybe it would have a domino effect,” Matri said.

Matri says for now he’s just focusing on school, as his prospects for continuing his education and finding a job have changed since the ban was ordered. But he says he understands that tensions are high in Libya and other countries and that people want to be cautious.

“Looking at it from an outsider’s perspective, I would understand that maybe the insecurity would cause undesirable people to come into the country and cause havoc and whatnot,” Matri said.

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