The Super Bowl of shopping is today, it's Black Friday
Posted on 11/25/2016 2:04:00 AM.
It's one of the busiest shopping days of the year and LSU marketing professor Dan Rice says shoppers are savvier than ever thanks to technology. Rice says just because the malls are packed today, doesn't mean that shoppers are ready to buy from that store.
"Shopping both online and offline at the same time, particularly with the cell phone, you can imagine situations where you are in the store, checking out a deal and wondering how great a deal it is and using a cell phone to do that." Rice said. 
Rice says even though online shopping is growing in popularity, Black Friday remains a big day for your brick and mortar stores, because they have a big advantage over the internet.
'You have a certain advantage being able to see and touch the product and people put some stock in being able to know they are getting it right away, this is what I saw and this is what I'm going to buy," Rice said.
The National Retail Federation anticipates consumers to purchase $935 worth of gifts during the holiday shopping season. Rice says here in Louisiana, some of your big purchases are not gifts, but items to rebuild flooded homes.
"You might find more necessities being a little larger portion than they have been in the last few years," Rice said. 
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