Analyst: Compromises must be made to reduce the size of the fiscal cliff
Posted on 6/5/2018 12:11:00 PM.
So what options does the governor have now after a sales tax bill failed to get approval that would replaced over 500-million dollars in expiring taxes? Political consultant Roy Fletcher says the governor may have to accept the House plan, which would set the sales tax rate at 4.3 percent after July 1st.  
“What he has to do is come back with the notion to not be greedy and figure out how to get a third of a penny, get some money, make some cuts where he can and get the hell out of here.”

Both chambers are at odds with each other, as House Republicans do not want to go over a 4.3% sales tax rate and the Senate supports a 4.5% rate. Fletcher says everyone has to compromise.

“Somebody’s got to give and take here and I think that the House has basically made their offer at the third and the Senate made theirs and now somebody is going to have to figure out how to put these two together and it has to be the governor.”

Fletcher says the politics of the situation has already done damage to the dysfunctional perception of our government’s competence.

“It just demonstrates the failure of all state government to work and they are all going to have to live with that.”

With the fiscal year closing up on June 30th, we await the governor’s call for a third special session.

Roy Fletcher, political consultant, budget crisis

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