Sales tax proposal fails in the House by seven votes, but proposal not dead
Posted on 5/25/2018 8:38:00 PM.

A temporary sales tax bill went down in defeat on the House floor, as it fell seven votes short of passage. Governor John Bel Edwards in a statement expressed disappointment, but encouraged by the large number of Republicans and Democrats, who voted for the proposal to give state government an additional 360-million dollars next fiscal year.
Edwards says he’s optimistic the House can get the necessary 70 votes to send the proposal to the Senate for their review. The full House is set to meet again on Monday at 2 PM.

PAR President Robert Travis Scott says the legislation can reduce the fiscal cliff by renewing one-third of an expiring one-cent sales tax, but not everyone likes it, which might be a good thing. 

"There is the old saying in the legislature that the best bills are the ones which leave everyone unhappy and I think that's the case with this bill," said Scott.  
Members of the legislative black caucus do not support it, Governor John Bel Edwards would rather see a sales tax bill that generates even more revenue and there are Republicans who are not for higher sales taxes.   

Alexandria Representative Lance Harris is the author of the tax bill. It would result in Louisiana consumers paying a state sales tax of 4.3 percent after July 1st and it’s expected to generate 370-million dollars in revenue, but the shortfall is pegged at 648-million.

Scott says Harris’ bill is the best opportunity at reducing the proposed cuts within state government. 
"I think the chances of finding some new great alternative in a third special session, another session after this one are very slim," said Scott. 
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