Not many exercise their right to vote in first two days of early voting
Posted on 11/6/2017 11:04:00 AM.
The first two days of early voting for the November 18 election shows numbers remain dismal with just under 26-thousand voters participating. Secretary of State Tom Schedler says even though they are getting the word out to encourage voters, not many took the advice.

"For the two day total matched against the two day total in October, we are about 10,000 voters behind." 
Schedler blames the turbulence in Washington D.C. as the main driving force behind voter apathy. He says voters are just sick and tired of a system that seems dysfunctional.
"I think there is so much frustration, so much anger from the voters of any party persuasion at the national level and it just trickles on down."
Schedler says they have tried different programs to spur excitement to draw voters to the polls to make their opinion known. Some are flat out refusing to go to the polls. Schedler says in talking to some, they feel their ballot won’t make a difference.
"Too many people are just saying my vote doesn't count, it doesn't make any difference who's in and that's becoming a very prevalent comment." 
Early voting remains open until Saturday with the exception of Friday for the observance of Veteran’s Day.
Tom Schedler, Secretary of State, Early Voting

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