Attorney for one LSU student charged in Gruver's death says nobody wanted this to happen
Posted on 10/11/2017 12:16:00 PM.

Sean Pennison is one of the ten LSU students arrested as part of the investigation into Max Gruver’s death. His Attorney Franz Borghardt says it’s extremely hard for these students as Max was their friend. He says Pennison is not being charged with Gruver’s death, only hazing.

“It is a misdemeanor and one of the penalties of a misdemeanor is expulsion from school. At this phase, I know that he is presumed innocent.”

Borghardt says it’s disappointing that LSU decided to arrest these ten young men rather than issue a court summons for the misdemeanor. He says these students truly cared about Max.

“Nobody wanted this to happen, nobody. They cared about Max, I’m only going to speak for Sean in that respect but I’m sure I can speak in terms of all these guys cared about each other, that’s the nature of a fraternity.”

Of the ten, one fraternity member, Matthew Naquin, has been charged with hazing and negligent homicide. Borghardt says Gruver’s death will stay with Pennison for the rest of his life.

“That’s something that he’s going to have to deal with, something all these guys are going to have to deal with. No matter if there is criminal culpability or not, no matter if you’re just a brother that wasn’t even in the house, they’re going to have to deal with this.”

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