Senate Finance approves cuts to state agencies while refunding some healthcare programs
Posted on 5/11/2018 3:27:00 PM.

Senate Finance approved a budget that cuts nearly 25% in funding from most state agencies, but restores much of the funding to healthcare, specifically public-private partnership hospitals, that was lacking in a House backed spending plan. But Metairie Senator Conrad Appel says that doesn’t mean these cuts will actually be enacted.  

“It’s only a step to the next step, which would be ultimately the special session where we would raise sufficient revenue.”

Chairman Eric LaFluer says the committee is well aware that the state cannot operate at these funding levels, and the budget is just a showcase of how impossible 648 million dollars of cuts would be.

“Putting what is ridiculous below the line is to demonstrate the ridiculous situation that we find ourselves in and if we don’t do something we will have serious problems on our hands.”

Lake Charles Senator Ronnie Johns says after combing through the state’s budget, it’s clear that the revenue will need to be replaced in a special session.

“We all know that this is just not sustainable. There is now way for us to ask any agency to take a 25% cut, it just doesn’t work.”

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