Senate committee to hear sanctuary city measure
Posted on 5/29/2017 11:15:00 AM.

A Senate committee will hear the so-called “sanctuary cities” bill Tuesday. The House-approved measure would prohibit cities that do not fully cooperate with immigration authorities from receiving certain state grants. Attorney General Jeff Landry supports the proposal and doesn’t understand why local governments would try to establish a sanctuary city.

“Thereby taking away a necessary tool that they need to keep their community safe.”

It took two votes for this bill to pass the lower chamber. Opponents believe it would unfairly target Hispanics. Landry believes sanctuary cities allow violent criminals to stay in the United States.

“We have seen tragedy after tragedy, victim after victim at the hands of people who are in the country illegally and who were in the care and custody of our law enforcement prior to them committing an additional crime.”

New Orleans could be impacted by this legislation, if it becomes law. The NOPD has a policy that prohibits its officers from asking suspects about immigration status. Landry says once the bill becomes law, his office will determine which jurisdictions violate the state’s sanctuary cities policies.

“New Orleans’ policy is certainly moving away from a sanctuary city policy but we don’t know if it’s gotten as far as if it would meet the threshold of this particular bill.”

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