Instructor dead, trainee hospitalized in sky diving accident in St. Tammany
Posted on 5/28/2017 1:51:00 PM.
The St. Tammany Sheriff's office says just before 11 a.m. on Sunday two men who jumped out of a plane hit the ground very hard at the Royal Golf Course in Slidell.
Authorities say a skydiving instructor and trainee were performing a tandem jump. For some unknown reason, the instructor lost consciousness shortly after jumping out of the airplane.

The main parachute did not open, resulting in the reserve parachute to open. But it's not known if it opened properly. 
The male instructor was pronounced dead and the trainee was airlifted to a New Orleans area hospital.
The instructor was 58-years-old and from Alabama.  
"We still aren't 100% sure exactly what happened, but so far, it appears to be a tragic accident," Sheriff Randy Smith said. "Our prayers go out to the families affected by this incident." 
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