The snow has arrived
Posted on 2/25/2015 10:35:00 AM.
The snow has arrived in north Louisiana and State Police urge residents to stay home and don't travel unless it's absolutely necessary. Trooper Matt Harris says if you do have to drive somewhere in areas where snow has fallen, take it easy.

"Decrease your speed, increase your following distance and allow yourself double the amount of time to get to your destination," Harris said. 
Harris says there's been dozens of weather related accidents on the highways, because of the snow. 
"If you are out and happen to hit a slick spot or a patch of ice, don't panic and slam on the brakes, because you will only increase your vehicle speed and run a higher chance of spinning out of control," Harris said.
He says the snow may look pretty, but it doesn't mix well with cold pavement and drivers who are NOT used to the snow. 
Forecasters say as much as four inches of snow will fall north of I-20 today, while less than two inches of snow is possible south of I-20.
(Picture courtesy of State Police)  
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