Some LSU faculty, staff to receive first pay raise in years
Posted on 8/8/2017 5:17:00 AM.

Some faculty and staff at LSU will get a pay raise. According to LSU President F. King Alexander, each department will receive a three percent merit raise pool, and department heads will determine how to dole out the funds.

Faculty Senate President Kevin Cope says this is great news for faculty who haven’t seen a pay raise in years.

“I think it is indeed very wise both of King Alexander and state officials to allow the faculty to have the economic tools they need in order to do their job,” Cope said.

Cope says this raise is welcomed as LSU is losing faculty members when they get offers from better funded universities. He says this modest pay increase could actually save the university and the state money in the long run if it keeps the staff on campus.

“Every time a faculty member is replaced, there is an array of startup costs relating to laboratories that actually increase the cost far beyond what this raise would have charged to the people of Louisiana,” Cope said.

Cope says the faculty are grateful these first steps are being taken. But he says it’s odd this raise warrants a major discussion. He notes this is the kind of so-called routine maintenance that other states do regularly.

“Nobody would be surprised is somebody went to the gas station and put fuel into the SUV. It is remarkable in a way that we even have to talk about this," Cope said.

Kevin Cope, LSU, higher education

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