28-billion dollar budget featuring cuts to colleges and TOPS heads to the governor
Posted on 5/17/2018 1:34:00 PM.

The House has sent a 28-billion dollar budget to Governor John Bel Edwards, that fully funds healthcare, but slashes higher ed, funding for state agencies, and cuts TOPS by 30%. But it's likely the governor will not sign the spending plan of the cuts just mentioned.

House Appropriations Chairman Cameron Henry says the budget they approved identifies what programs need to be funded with revenue raised in a special session. 
“We have members that are having heartburn voting for a tax one way or another. They can be able to go back and say I’m going to raise a quarter of a penny, whatever mechanism we want to do, to cover TOPS, to cover higher ed, to cover department of children and family services.”
Democratic Caucus Chairman Robert Johnson attempted to table the budget bill, because he calls the cuts included immoral. Johnson argued the legislature should wait until the special session, where revenue could be raised to fill the 648 million dollar budget gap to complete a budget. 
“We need to raise the money, put the money back into the budget, fund our priorities, and then pass a budget, not pass a budget that is so disingenuous.”  

Johnson says the budget passed is not feasible, and does not reflect a spending plan that the state could operate on.

“We will not solve a real problem with pretend budgets and pretend solutions.”

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