State Fire Marshal issues burn advisory
Posted on 1/21/2014 4:09:00 PM.
The State Fire Marshal issues a burn advisory because of a recent glut of trash fires in populated areas that went out-of-control.  State Fire Marshal Butch Browning says he saw a disturbing pattern of urban fires that got outside of their intended areas.

"Over that last week and half or so the fire departments have been reporting a high number of urban fires.  Fires in neighborhoods... on the edge of neighborhoods... populated areas, and they all seem to be from trash fires getting out of control."
Browning says a lack of rain leading to dry ground and vegetation across Louisiana are among the conditions make it easy for fires to start, as well as recent windy weather that can spread those fires once they start.
Those recent fires caused enough concern for Browning to consider issuing an all out 'burn ban.'  But he felt that for the time being, a burn advisory would make people more aware of monitoring any fires they set outside.  Browning explains the difference.
"We exercise burn bans in extreme conditions when we don't want people to burn (anything) at all and of course, there's penalties involved in that. The advisory is just short of that.  We're really asking people to pay close attention and refrain from doing any type of burning, right now."

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