New law would intercept casino winnings from people in debt to the state
Posted on 6/25/2014 10:59:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
Governor Bobby Jindal has signed legislation that would allow the state to take casino winnings from someone who owes debts like child support or taxes. House Bill 236 is by Hammond Representative Chris Broadwater who says the new law will allow the state Office of Debt Recovery to coordinate with casinos.

"And in the event that a citizen of the state who owes money to the state wins at one of the casinos, we would be able to intercept those winnings and offset those to any money owed to the state," said Broadwater.

The Department of Children and Family Services can already confiscate casino and lottery winnings for child support payments and Broadwater says this law would take the money for ANY debt owed to the state.

"If that individual owes child support, that would be collected first," said Broadwater.

Broadwater says there are billions of dollars owed to the state and this is an additional tool we can use to use to collect that money.

"That should be our primary focus," says Broadwater. "Collect the legitimate debts that are already there, so that we can avoid either raising taxes or make additional cuts to programs that are important to the citizens of the state."

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