Study finds public school teachers miss more school that charter school educators
Posted on 9/21/2017 2:16:00 AM.

A Fordham Institute study finds 28% of public school teachers missed more than 10 days of work compared to charter school teachers at 10%. But Louisiana Federation of Teachers spokesperson Les Landon says Fordham skews data to show public education isn’t doing well. He says the report also claims generous collective bargaining agreements lead to an increase in teacher absences.

“As far as collective bargaining being the reason, especially in Louisiana which is a Right to Work state and there are only about five or six collective bargaining locals in the state, that’s just a bogus argument.”

Landon says teachers in charter schools are often much younger than traditional public school teachers. He also says they are extremely mobile, as many educators in charter schools come from the Teach for America Program.

“They’re a fairly new experiment. They may not have as many medical issues as veteran teachers. Young teachers without families don’t need to take sick leave to care for children or spouses.”

Landon says teachers are entitled to 10 sick days according to state law. He says traditional public school educators and charter schools teachers are not comparable.

“There are many factors involved and we tend to think this is an apple and oranges situation.”

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