Study: More couples than ever fighting over politics
Posted on 5/11/2017 1:09:00 AM.

A report from Wakefield Research finds more couples than ever are fighting over politics since Donald Trump took office. The data found 24% of Americans in a relationship say they’ve argued more about politics than any other time they’ve been together. Clinical Psychologist with LSU Health Sciences Center Dr. Michelle Moore.

“Unfortunately, I think a lot of people feel that it’s their way or the highway and they only have one way of looking at it and aren’t being open minded and are being closed minded about things.”

The survey also found one in 10 couples broke up over disagreements in politics, especially millennials, who broke up at a rate of 22%. Moore advises potential couples to discuss their political views before dating or getting married to avoid problems down the road.

“To see if you’re able to get along despite difference you might have because it’s okay to have different opinions in a relationship it’s just whether or not you can be respectful or not of the other person’s opinion.”

The data also shows even though money is usually the top fighting point, one out of five couples in American said they’ve had more arguments of President Trump’s policies than finances. Moore says if you are in a heated argument with your significant other because of politics, there are ways to defuse the situation.

“Take a break, walk away, then come back and either choose to continue talking about it if you think you can in a civil manor, or make a decision, this just isn’t going to be a topic you discuss.”

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