Sulphur man drowns in triathlon in Calcasieu Parish
Posted on 4/4/2016 12:00:00 PM.

Authorities say a Sulphur man participating in a triathlon drowned in the Calcasieu River. Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s office spokesperson Kim Myers says this was a sanctioned triathlon at the Sam Houston State Park where lifeguards, Marines, and spotters in kayaks were on hand.

Myers says 25-year-old Taurean Blake swam about 100 yards out when he started to struggle and a Marine jumped in to help.
“Sgt. Ron Johnson, who is a highly trained and highly skilled diver, threw on his tank and jumped in the water with his entire uniform, trying to find him and rescue him in this murky water, which he eventually did,” Myers said.

Myers says they pulled Blake out of the water and revived him. She says a lifeguard also tried to swim out to Blake, as well as one of the kayaks. She says they made every effort to help Blake.

“He was given CPR as soon as he was pulled into the boat, and when we got to the shore, there was the Ward One Fire Department there, as well as an ambulance, who also continued CPR,” Myers said.

Myers says after Blake was revived, he was taken to the hospital, where he later died.

“They were able to find a pulse, but unfortunately later in the day, he succumbed to the drowning,” Myers said.

(photo courtesy of Facebook)
Kim Myers, Taurean Blake

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