Survey finds Louisianans are Googling butt implants more than any other surgery
Posted on 11/13/2017 11:03:00 AM.

According to a recent survey, Louisianans are researching butt implants more than any other plastic surgery procedure. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at LSU Health New Orleans Dr. Oren Tessler says having a bigger behind is the latest trend, especially with celebrities.

“Larger and fuller buttocks are getting more media attention, especially in the last few years, so people want to emulate that and they want to have that look for themselves.”

Tessler wants to remind those interested in the procedure that you’re actually getting an augmentation, not a lift. He says it’s also never a good idea for patients to come in with a photograph of what they’d like their hindquarters to look like after surgery.

“That’s unrealistic so what you try to do is just speak to them, see how much augmentation they want, what are their concerns and then you formulate a specific plan with them that will try to meet their goals in a reasonable and safe manner.”

Tessler says women look at Kim Kardashian and other famous celebrities and want to have a similar body. But he says there are some significant risks associated with the procedure.

“You have to be limited in terms of how much volume you’re going to put in. After a certain amount of volume that you put in, risks start increasing significantly.”

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