Survey finds Louisianans are evenly split over religious freedom laws
Posted on 4/13/2017 10:59:00 AM.

Louisiana residents are evenly split when it comes to religious freedom laws allowing businesses to refuse service to same sex couples based on their religion. That’s according to results from the 2017 Louisiana Survey.

Director of the LSU Public Policy Research Lab Dr. Michael Henderson says this follows the nationwide trend.

“Parties are split, Republicans tend to favor allowing refusal, Democrats tend to think businesses should be required to serve and in Louisiana those splits across the party look exactly like the splits across the nation.”

Henderson says he’s surprised only 47% of residents support refusal of services because Louisiana is such a conservative state. But he says the Bayou State does show its socially conservative colors as the survey finds 56% think transgender people should use the restroom of their birth gender.

“But what’s interesting is even among Democrats, Democrats in the state do think transgender individuals should be able to use the restroom that they identify with but that share is much lower than what you see among Democrats nationally.”

Henderson says another shocking finding is 3/4 of Louisianans support the legal protection from discrimination at work based on sexual orientation. He says while more Democrats are supportive of this, so are many Republicans.

“When it comes to the workplace, Louisiana tends to lean in the direction of being like, let’s not have a lot of discrimination here, let’s be fair with different groups and different individuals in the workplace.”

Louisiana Survey, LSU Public Policy Research Lab, Michael Henderson

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