Suspect dies in officer-involved shooting in Monroe
Posted on 6/30/2016 10:21:00 AM.

An officer-involved shooting in Monroe left one suspect dead in the overnight hours. State Trooper Michael Reichardt says police responded to a domestic violence call just after midnight, but the suspect was not there when they arrived. He says Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Deputies found the suspect at another residence.

“The suspect came to the door and then slammed the door in the deputy’s face. They re-knocked on the door, advised that they were the sheriff’s department needing to talk to the suspect. He opened the door brandishing a weapon,” Reichardt said.

Reichardt says the deputies took cover under the carport. He says they told the suspect multiple times to drop his weapon.

“While they were pleading with the guy to drop the weapon, he did point the weapon at the deputies. They fired their weapons, shot the suspect, and he died on scene,” Reichardt said.

Witnesses reportedly heard 8 to 10 gunshots, but police have not confirmed how many shots were fired. Reichardt says the deputies were not harmed in the incident, and the investigation is ongoing.

“The officers involved last night are fine and we’re not releasing their names or the suspect name at this time,” Reichardt said.

Michael Reichardt, Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Deputies

Provided by ABC News

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