EBRSO: Suspect in police shootout wanted on non-violent crimes
Posted on 11/21/2013 11:54:00 AM.
The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's office says the man who was involved in a shootout with officers early Thursday morning was wanted on numerous warrants from several agencies. He's been identified as 22 year old Jessie Gordon of Denham Springs and EBRSO says he shot and killed himself after the ordeal.

"It happened at a hotel where they had located the individual," says State Police Captain Doug Cain. "Went up to the door made contact and shots were fired and a trooper and deputy were hit."

Cain says both officers are going to be okay.

JB Slaton says they believe the EBRSO deputy and the trooper were hit with shrapnel, not bullets, based on the extent of their injuries. He says after the ordeal SWAT members entered the suspect's hotel room.

"They found the suspect to be deceased at that time which they believe was from a self inflicted gunshot wound," Slaton said.

State Police, Denham Springs PD, EBRSO and the Livingston Parish Sheriff's office were all involved in confronting this suspect. Slaton says the suspect was wanted on non-violent crimes related to burglary and drugs. He says law enforcement officials have to be prepared for anything because you never know what could happen.

JB Slaton, Jessie Gordon, Doug Cain, East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, State Police,

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