Bill seeks to end split playoffs in the LHSAA
Posted on 3/19/2016 8:00:00 AM.
It's expected the legislature will get involved in the public versus private school split that's impacted high school sports. River Ridge Representative Kirk Talbot has filed a bill that attempts to reverse the LHSAA's decision to split its postseason in several sports. Talbot says the split is hurting high school athletics.

"Whoever is doing this, doesn't have the kids best interest in mind," Talbot said.
High School principals were the ones who voted for split playoffs in football, basketball, baseball and softball. The split in football has been in effect the last three years, while the split in the other sports is coming next school year. 
Talbot's bill would prevent a high school from receiving state funds, if they participate in an association with a split postseason. 
"That is a way for us to at least say look, if you are going to be a public school, you can't belong to an association that does A, B or C."
Schools around the state have been invited to join a new high school sports association that would NOT have a split playoff system. Talbot says he hopes this legislation will lead to the end of the LHSAA split and bring public and private schools back together for postseasons.
"My goal would be, nobody splits, we bring this thing back together and figure out a way to put the best product on the table with the kids in mind," Talbot said. 
It's unclear when Talbot's legislation will be heard in a House committee.  
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