Could we see an east-west interstate through Central Louisiana?
Posted on 10/25/2016 11:52:00 AM.

There is serious conversation about an east-west interstate that would cross central Louisiana through Alexandria, connecting western Texas to Georgia. Malcom Morris of Leesville, who is with the Gulf Coast Strategic Highway Coalition, says the chance of a new interstate called I-14, is very likely. He says they’re working on getting a federal designation and Texas has already been issued one.

“We feel like we have the support of the Louisiana Delegation and we’re just waiting for an appropriations or transportation bill or some other appropriate activity to come up so we can get that designation.”

Morris says once a designation is received, a corridor is selected but the interstate is probably 10 years out from being constructed. He says the plan is for I-14 to run mostly along Highway 28.

“A route from the Sabine River Bridge, LA 8 now and Texas 63, across 28 to Natchez, Mississippi.”

Morris says having two interstates, one moving north-south and one moving east-west, is a tremendous economic boom for the cities in central Louisiana. He says I-14 would be helpful for the overall military picture of this country and especially this area.

“The Port of Beaumont, which is the port of debarkation for Fort Polk, the Port of Corpus Christi. The interstate itself will not run to Corpus Christi or to Beaumont but it will run to arteries that connect to them.”

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