Task force formed to look at state sexual harassment polices
Posted on 12/7/2017 12:38:00 PM.

A task force has been established by Governor Edwards to review sexual harassment and discrimination policies in state agencies. The seven member panel will be selected by Friday and they hope to hold their first meeting later this month. The Governor’s Communications Director Shauna Sanford says they want to get guidelines in place due to the recent reports of sexual harassment.

"It's a conversation that is going on all across the country.  So the timing is right to ensure that the policies that are in place across all of the state agencies that fall under the executive branch are operating in uniform fashion when it comes to this very important issue."

Sanford says one of the items the task force will consider is if the current training program for new employees is effective.

"That includes the existing video that state employees are required to review each year.  They're going to look at ways of strengthening that and make it more robust." 
The task force will look at each agency to check for uniformity in the sexual harassment policy. Sanford says they want to make sure that all employees know the procedures in reporting if they suspect are the victim of harassment.
"They're going to make sure there is a clear reporting process in place when any allegation is made and make sure the the most appropriate action is taken once an investigation is completed."

The task force will report back to the governor by March 1st.

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