State lawmakers look at impact of illegal immigration
Posted on 9/3/2015 1:12:00 AM.

The first meeting of the task force to study the impact of illegal immigration on Louisiana taxpayers is today. Denham Springs Representative Valarie Hodges is the chairperson of the task force and she says Louisiana receives more unaccompanied minors than Arizona and New Mexico combined.

“We know that 26 million dollars was spent just last year on educating these undocumented children, that’s just the cost to educate 1,180 children that’s not counting medical costs.”

Hodges says the purpose of the task force is to minimize the cost to Louisiana taxpayers for having illegal immigrates in our state. She says it’s difficult to know how many illegal aliens are in the state, which makes it difficult to get the federal government to reimburse Louisiana for educating undocumented children.

“You cannot fix what you can’t identify and so as we begin to talk about this problem and discuss the ramifications for America, I believe we can find a fix to it.”

Hodges says the monetary cost isn’t even the most important aspect. She says people are killed around the country at the hands of illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities, like New Orleans, aren’t enforcing the law and putting citizens at risk.

“It’s not a democrat issue or republican issue, it’s an American issue and more specifically a Louisiana issue.”

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