Tax filing season begins today
Posted on 1/19/2016 3:18:00 AM.
The Louisiana Department of Revenue, along with the I-R-S, start accepting income tax returns today. Federal returns are due April 18th. LDR spokesperson Kizzy Payton says you’ll have until May 16th to file your state returns. She says this year, they’ve implemented enhanced security measures to protect taxpayers against fraud, which is something they started focusing on a couple of years ago.

“LDR has saved tax payers more than $38 million dollars. We have arrested 50 individuals through our crackdown on tax fraud initiative,” Payton said. 

Payton says the Department of Revenue suggests taxpayers filed their returns electronically to ensure quick processing. She also advises taxpayers choose a reputable tax preparer.

“We tell them to make sure they ask questions about a tax preparer. That they ask their family and friends about who prepared their taxes and actually ask those tax preparers for references,” Payton said.

Payton says if you decide to have a tax preparer work on your taxes, the taxpayer is the one ultimately responsible.

“When a taxpayer actually signs that return, it becomes their responsibility so if any money is owed back to the state, they will be held responsible, not necessarily that tax preparer,” Payton said. 

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