2018's Third Special Session Preview
Posted on 6/16/2018 10:24:00 AM.

Eyes across the state are on the kick off of the third special session. Governor John Bel Edwards was 7 votes away from closing in on his wishes to renew a half-cent sales tax in the most recent special session, so now the attention has been turned toward legislators whose votes can tip the scales to approving a definitive tax plan.

Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says there are many factors that play into the lawmakers’ decisions.

"Is there something in it for these legislators?  If they vote for this, will they face problems in their reelection? If they vote for this, will they be granted favorite status as far as the governor and what he can do for them?" asks Pinsonat.

Pinsonat says that even though the discussion has been focused on renewing a sales tax that is either a third of a penny or a half of a penny, there may be a discussion of an amount somewhere in between the two amounts.

"We're not talking about a lot of money, but we're talking about principles and we're talking about Republicans demanding something in return, especially cutting the budget," says the political analyst. 

The analyst seems fairly optimistic that a solution will be met in the third special session, but says it’s always a possibility that more stalling could occur.

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