Time to check insurance policies as Hurricane Season begins
Posted on 6/1/2017 3:52:00 AM.

The state Department of Insurance is reminding policyholders to make sure they are fully covered as Hurricane Season begins today.

Commissioner Jim Donelon says this is a time to go over all policies, especially property insurance. He says know what your coverages are and what is not covered.

“Almost all homeowner’s insurance policies come with a named storm or hurricane deductible.”

Most hurricane deductibles typically run two to five percent of the insured property value. Donelon also advises homeowners to prepare to file a claim.

“Do a quick inventory of your property, walk through your house with your camera and take pictures of your movables, your electronic equipment, of your valuables.”

Donelon says every corner of the state has experienced flooding events in the last 18 months, so now is the time to purchase flood insurance, if you don’t have it already. He says there is no time to wait when it comes to getting your home covered by flood insurance.

“You can’t wait until a hurricane is approaching our shore, because there is a 30 day delay before a newly purchased flood insurance policy goes into effect.”

For information on the National Flood Insurance Program, visit floodsmart.gov.

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