Tips to remember when using fireworks on New Year's Eve
Posted on 12/31/2015 1:33:00 AM.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and many will ring in the new year by shooting off fireworks. Deputy Chief, with the State Fire Marshal's office, Brent Thompson, has some tips to stay safe tonight.

“Follow the manufacturers recommendations, never provide fireworks to young children and never discharge a firework from your hand.”

Thompson says to exercise extreme caution when handling fireworks. He says to never give children fireworks, even if you think they are small and harmless.

“Sparklers actually burn at temperatures over 1,000 degrees and can cause very serious injury in a millisecond.”

Thompson says make sure to only purchase fireworks from a licensed distributor, never online. He also advises people to never experiment with homemade fireworks. 

“That is very dangerous, not only can it land you in the hospital, it can land you in jail.”

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