Tornadoes leave wake of destruction in several parishes
Posted on 1/23/2017 12:19:00 PM.

Crews are dealing with clean up in several parishes after at least five tornadoes touched down in Louisiana on Saturday. Grant Parish Sheriff Steven McCain says a twister hit near Colfax that left a wake of destruction, damaging 5 homes and injuring one person.

(photo courtesy of Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office Facebook) 

“We had two people that were trapped inside of a mobile home that was turned over and over on its side, ended up being flattened, and the people were in it,” McCain said.

McCain says one woman sustained non-life-threatening injuries when the trailer overturned. The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado near Colfax had wind speeds up to 105 mph. A second tornado hit the parish near Georgetown with winds reaching 100 mph.

Northwest Louisiana also saw a devastating twister. Lt. Bill Davis with the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office says a tornado with 115 mph winds made a 6 mile trek near Plain Dealing. He says about 29 homes were damaged, including three that were a total loss and seven that sustained extensive damage.

“We had a couple of trailer homes, mobile homes just completely flip over. One actually had a young lady inside and what a blessing to be okay after all that,” Davis said.

Davis says after the twister hit, not only were people dealing with damage to their homes, but first responder crews had to fight downed trees and power lines to get in and help people. He says the community came together to clear roadways, and they’re doing what they can to help those who lost everything.

“That’s really what took place here, neighbor helping neighbor, and of course first responders doing the best we could to help these folks to get on with their lives,” Davis said.

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