ULL unveils Ragin' Cajuns French Roast Coffee
Posted on 1/23/2017 1:55:00 PM.

A new custom-blend coffee, called the Ragin’ Cajuns French Roast Coffee was introduced to the public today. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette partnered with the Mello Joy Coffee Company to develop this dark roast blend. Assistant Director of Trademark Licensing at ULL, Leslie Saloom, says the coffee has a little sweetness and a chocolate flavor.

“Down here, in the culture that we live in, we appreciate good food. So we want to make sure whatever we put out there with our name on it is good as well and can stand next to any other coffee on the shelf.”

Saloom says the Ragin’ Cajuns French Roast is exclusively available at Rouses at the Lafayette, Youngsville and Morgan City locations, as well as, at the bookstore on the university’s campus. She says officials from ULL and Mello Joy teamed up to determine which blend of Arabica beans would taste the best.

“We kind of went around and everyone had an opinion on what they liked, we can adjust this, and we ended up coming up with this blend that unanimously everyone really loved and thought this is the direction we need to go.”

Saloom says the new French Roast joins other consumable products developed by the univeristy like the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns Genuine Louisiana Ale and Lager, Ragin Red seasoning and a Ragin Cajun burger available at Sonic.

“Consumables are very successful for us and we’re hopeful that this one will be as well and then the opportunity to work with a local company and use local ingredients is always a win for us.”

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