Louisiana underage college students busted with trailer full of alcohol
Posted on 4/7/2015 11:35:00 AM.
Four underage Louisiana college students were issued summonses in Alabama for attempting to haul a trailer full of alcohol to Gulf Shores for spring break. Mobile County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Paul Burch says deputies noticed a trailer traveling on Interstate 10 with an expired tag.

"Based on that, they initiated a traffic stop which lead to the discovery of a large amount of alcohol."

Burch says deputies found over 100 18-packs of beer and numerous bottles of hard liquor and wine from the trailer.  He says the four students, ages 18 and 19, were taken to a police substation where the alcohol was seized and they were cited.

"All their information was documented and they'll receive a summons where they will have to ultimately turn themselves in to be arrested and will be given a court date and see what happens in court."

The four will be charged with minor in possession of alcohol.  Burch says no drugs or weapons were found on the students, so authorities allowed them to go on their way.  Burch says he isn't sure if they continued on to Gulf Shores.

"I know a couple of them were on the phone with their parents and the parents did not seem very happy.  I don't know if they were continuing on to spring break or headed back out." 
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