Victims feeling more confident to come forward about sexual misconduct
Posted on 11/29/2017 1:03:00 PM.

The Today Show Host Matt Lauer is now another prominent name in media who has been fired amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

LSU Health New Orleans Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Michelle Many says after seeing so many well-known names in entertainment and politics accused of sexual harassment, victims are feeling more confident coming forward but not so much because of the consequences the offender may face.

“This indicates the women are believed, they are heard, when they make the report of these behaviors, that they’re not just instantly discounted which has unfortunately happened in the past.”

Alabama judge Roy Moore and Minnesota Senator Al Franken are just two names in politics accused of sexual misconduct. Many says in the past, these claims were handled differently in the workplace and not always taken seriously. She says women often faced further victimized by coming out with allegations.

“Now that victims are seeing other people have come forward and investigations have taken place, that reports are being looked into, that’s very encouraging.”

Many says the general consciousness of sexual assault and harassment has been raised over the last 10 or so years. She says it’s time for employers to take another look at this issue and establish a protocol in the event allegations come out.

“It’s important that people have an explicit understanding of what is and what is not okay and we find that where those education programs are taking place, offenses tend to go down.”

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