Vice President Mike Pence to meet with Louisiana business leaders
Posted on 5/23/2017 2:10:00 PM.

Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Louisiana tomorrow to discuss health care, jobs and the economy.  The White House says the Vice President will participate in a listening session with local business leaders in the Baton Rouge area and he’ll make remarks afterwards at Cajun Industries in Port Allen. LSU Political Science Professor Robert Hogan on the visit.

“Enable him to appear before a friendly audience, the Trump-Pence ticket did very well in Louisiana in the November elections and there is a great deal of support for him.”

The White House says during the Vice President’s visit, he’ll hear first-hand stories about health care, job creation and the economy. Hogan says the Trump administration wants to show they listen to the public.

“It’s a way of saying hey we go out into the states and we listen to people’s concerns and we go back to Washington and use what they’ve learned in order to craft policies.” 

The governor’s office says John Bel Edwards plans on meeting with the Vice President at the Baton Rouge airport. Edwards released a statement claiming the President’s proposed budget ignores Louisiana needs by reducing Medicare funding and dollars for Louisiana’s coast. Hogan expects the governor to ask Pence about this.

“This would give an opportunity to say hey, your administration is thinking of doing something that may have negative repercussions for the state of Louisiana.”

Mike Pence, Baton Rouge, listening session

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