The Waitr app expands services to web ordering
Posted on 4/13/2017 4:56:00 AM.
The on-demand food delivery app, Waitr, recently added a web ordering option and restaurants are already benefiting. Chief Marketing Officer for Waitr, Sonny Mayugba, says they received feedback from consumers and restaurants urging the company to develop  He expects more restaurants will bring their businesses to the company.

“Waitr now having that, they’re integrating the order online mechanism into the restaurant’s website and literally doubling their to-go business.”
Waitr is currently available in the majority of the Bayou State, except for Alexandria, which is expected to be on board soon. Mayugba says the majority of people still browse the internet on the computer, not purely on mobile apps. He says their mission is to help restaurants feature their great food to a bigger market.

“A poboy restaurant, who may still be cash only, let alone have a website, they need to reach people who are checking out where to eat online and want to have the convenience of ordering online.”
Waitr was founded in Lake Charles in 2015 and over 2,000 restaurants partner with the company. Mayugba says Waitr is a great platform for a customer but…

“Really what they’re looking for is that great food and those great drinks from those great restaurants and this is another way we connect the artistry of the chefs to the consumer.”
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