Bond set at $1 million each for two charged in Jeremy Mardis' death
Posted on 11/9/2015 11:54:00 AM.
Bond for the two men arrested in the death of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis has been set at $1 million each.  Norris Greenhouse, Jr. and Derrick Stafford are charged with second degree murder in the child's death.  
(LSP: pictured from left
Norris Greenhouse, Derrick Stafford)
Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino says the next major step in this case is a charging decision.
"Ultimately the DA and the grand jury will have to determine whether these individuals should be charged with first degree murder, second degree murder, or negligent homicide."

Mardis was killed when Marksville City Marshals fired on the vehicle he was riding in with his father last week.  Ciolino says charges against the men could rise or fall depending on what the grand jury decides.

"That can range in punishments that could be severe as death or less severe as a term of years."

It's reported that City Marshals fired 18 shots into the vehicle.  State Police Col. Mike Edmonson says there is body cam footage of the incident and Ciolino says that evidence will be critical in moving this case forward.

"That's the first thing the District Attorney and the grand jury are going to look at in making that charging decision and everything boils down to intent." 
Norris Greenhouse, Derrick Stafford, Jeremy Mardis, Dane Ciolino

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