Sheriff Guidroz: Opelousas woman kills uncle for talking too much
Posted on 3/14/2018 10:53:00 AM.
An Opelousas woman is in jail after allegedly killing her uncle because of his “constant chattering.” St. Landry Sheriff Bobby Guidroz says 49-year-old Melissa Ann Credeur initially accused John Ray Gautreaux of raping her while she slept. When she woke up, she told detectives he was not breathing and started beating him. But Guidroz says after questioning Credeur, the real story came out.

"She says he was chatting too much. She got aggravated and decided to kill him," said Guidroz
Guidroz says Creduer was tested for rape at a hospital and there wasn’t any evidence found. When deputies arrived at the residence, they found Gautreaux’s body in a fetal position. Guidroz says it appears she used a variety of items in attacking Gautreaux. 
"She used anything that was close to her to hit him with.  A lamp, a pencil.  She hit him with a paint brush and stabbed him with a paint brush.  There were multiple stab wounds on the body."
Guidroz had some contact with her recently. Guidroz says she admitted to some mental issues, which may have led to this murder.
"She was in my office seeing about a personal matter for her brother regarding taxes.  I agreed with her assessment of herself that she was bipolar and she went from one extreme to the other in our conversation."
Bond has been set at $150,000. 
Bobby Guidroz, John Gautreaux, St. Landry Parish

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