Angola 3 member Albert Woodfox remains in prison
Posted on 6/12/2015 5:53:00 PM.
Albert Woodfox, the last incarcerated member of the Angola 3, will remain in prison for the time being. Woodfox, who has been twice convicted for killing a prison guard, was hoping to get out of prison this week, after a federal judge ordered that he should be released and barred the state from tyring him for a third time.

But the Louisiana Attorney General’s office has been successful to this point in keeping Woodfox behind bars as the A-G’s office still believes he’s guilty in the 1972 stabbing death.
Here is the statement from Woodfox attorneys.
“Although Albert Woodfox remains in state custody at this time, we are confident that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will ultimately find that the district court’s ruling is sound, well-reasoned, and based on well-established law. This is the rare, exceptional instance in which it is appropriate for the federal court to step in and prevent the state from attempting to mount an unfair trial. As the district court stated, a third trial would be unfair at best. With all key witnesses now deceased there is no longer a possibility of a reliable new trial. The fact that two previous convictions have been reversed demonstrates the weakness of the State’s case, even when those witnesses were living.

“Furthermore, there is no penological justification for the harsh conditions under which Mr. Woodfox has been held for over four decades. We will continue to challenge the right of the State to hold Mr. Woodfox, an elderly man in failing health, in the harshest possible solitary confinement conditions and work to get the medical care he urgently needs at a proper medical facility."
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