Thank you for your interest in advertising with Louisiana Radio Network (LRN). Clients nationally, regionally and across the state trust LRN to market their products and services, or help with their outreach needs. From insurance companies to auto manufacturers; from state government agencies to political campaigns, Louisiana Radio Network is an effective, easy and efficient way to reach people across the state.
People who do NOT live in one of the seven metropolitan areas of Louisiana make up the 2nd biggest population group in our state. New Orleans would be first, followed by the "non-metro" residents of Louisiana, then the remaining five traditional metro markets. Savvy marketers looking for new customers recognize the 869,700+ people who live outside the metro markets are good prospects.

LRN is heard on 53 radio stations across the state, and reaches 439,600 listeners each week*, and the average message is heard by 32,200 listeners each airing. (*Source: Nielsen Audience Nationwide Report, Persons 12+, Fall 2017)
For any questions, please call or write:
Steve Lechich - National Sales Manager @ (225) 964-5318 or email at:
Kyle Coats - Local Sales Manager @ (225) 364-2050 or email at:
Jennifer Marsh - Senior Account Executive @ (225) 964-5326 or email at:

Thank you again for your interest in the Louisiana Radio Network

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