Governor Edwards supports the 15 week abortion ban and unanimous juries
Posted on 5/16/2018 5:06:00 PM.

Governor John Bel Edwards held his monthly talk show, where he touched on a series of legislative topics, such as the 15 week abortion ban, a deal to renew Harrah’s state contract, and the surprise success of a unanimous jury bill. Edwards took the opportunity to reiterate his support for the 15 week abortion ban, a rarity for a prominent Democratic official.



Governor John Bel Edwards, Abortion Ban, Jury Trial Amendment

15 week abortion ban passes House Criminal Justice Committee
Posted on 5/2/2018 12:16:00 PM.

The House Criminal Justice Committee approved Senator John Milkovich’s 15 week abortion ban bill 9-8, after it passed with little opposition in the Senate. The bill mirrors an effort in Mississippi that’s been halted in federal court that would make it illegal to provide an abortion after 15 weeks. The Shreveport Democrat says fetuses are alive, and deserving of a chance at life.

abortion ban, John Milkovich, House Criminal Justice Committee

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