Police chief calls out judge for reserve officer's death
Posted on 3/14/2018 12:19:00 PM.
Zachary Police Chief David McDavid is angry at a judge about one of his officers, Christopher Lawton, being killed in the line of duty this week. Lawton was working undercover when 33-year-old Albert Franklin allegedly crushed the officer with a rental truck.
Just three months ago,McDavid complained about District Court Judge Trudy White lowering Franklin's bond on an unrelated crime.
David McDavid, Christopher Lawton, Judge Trudy White

Zachary firefighter and reserve police officer killed in the line of duty
Posted on 3/13/2018 12:46:00 PM.
Reserve Zachary Police Officer 41-year-old Christopher Lawton was killed after two suspects allegedly ran over him in a Walmart parking lot in Baker. East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux says Lawton was attempting to arrest 33-year-old Albert Franklin on active felony warrants. 30-year-old Ashley Chaney was also in the U-Haul when they fled the scene.

"When the suspect took off, he actually pinned (the officer) next to the shopping cart retriever and then actually ran over the officer.  He was pronounced dead at the scene."
East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux, Christopher Lawton, ran over and killed

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