DEQ is proud of Louisiana air quality achieving EPA's highest standard
Posted on 5/3/2018 2:16:00 PM.

Louisiana now meets the highest standard of air quality according to EPA standards. Governor John Bel Edwards says the success is the result of notable increases in air quality in the Baton Rouge area parishes. DEQ Environmental Scientist Vivian Aucoin says its great news for quality of life in the Bayou State.

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LDH issues water advisory for Bouge Chitto River after six million gallons of sewage released
Posted on 9/19/2016 11:36:00 AM.

The Louisiana Department of Health issues a recreational water advisory for the Bouge Chitto River in St. Tammany Parish after a levee breach at the Brookhaven, Mississippi sewage plant released six million gallons of storm water diluted sewage.

Louisiana Department of Health, Jimmy Guidry, Department of Environmental Quality, sewage, Brookhaven

Mercury testing resumes in Louisiana after 8 years
Posted on 6/7/2016 12:55:00 PM.

The state Department of Environmental Quality has resumed mercury testing in public waterways after the program was halted in 2008 because of budget cuts. DEQ environmental scientist Al Hindrichs says they are testing for mercury in 36 sites in southwest Louisiana this year. Hindrichs says if a waterway is found to have a high level of mercury, fish consumption advisories are posted at the locations.

Al Hindrichs, Department of Environmental Quality, mercury testing

DEQ: Louisiana's air quality is better than it's been in decades
Posted on 5/3/2016 4:49:00 AM.

May is Air Quality Awareness month, and the Department of Environmental Quality says Louisiana’s air quality is better than it’s been since the start of the Industrial Revolution. DEQ senior scientist Vivian Aucoin says that’s because they have improved the quality of the air in parts of the state where it was lacking.

Vivian Aucoin, Department of Environmental Quality, Anne Rolfes, Louisiana Bucket Brigade

DEQ encouraging people to recycle
Posted on 12/30/2015 3:34:00 AM.
More trash is produced during the month of December and the Department of Environmental Quality urges you to recycle.  DEQ spokesman Greg Langley encourages people to recycle Christmas trees because it not only reduces the amount of material that goes into landfills, but the trees are put to a beneficial use.
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DEQ encourages you to recycle Christmas
Posted on 12/29/2014 2:51:00 PM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
You've probably accumulated plenty of trash this month during the Holidays and the Department of Environmental Quality is urging you to recycle. DEQ spokesman Greg Langley says more garbage is produced in the month of December than any other month. He says if you've got a lot of boxes, many businesses will accept used packing supplies.
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Jindal and DEQ oppose new emission rules
Posted on 11/27/2014 9:35:00 AM.
Several metro areas in Louisiana are in jeopardy of not meeting the federal government's new ozone standards. The US Environmental Protection Agency is lowering the acceptable amount of how much ozone pollution should be in the air. State Department of Environmental Quality spokesperson Greg Langley says it will force many industries and businesses to reduce their emissions. 
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