Flu easing up in Louisiana
Posted on 3/15/2018 2:00:00 AM.
The severe flu season in Louisiana has relented, as health officials report fewer cases than in late December and January. Over one in ten hospital and doctor visits were flu related at one point.
State Immunization Director Dr. Frank Welch says it’s now down to 3.5%. He credits an aggressive flu shot drive. 
Louisiana flu season, Dr. Frank Welch, immunization

Reported flu cases are dropping, but Louisiana is not out of danger yet
Posted on 2/5/2018 10:54:00 AM.
Many people are still reporting flu like symptoms in Louisiana, but the state health department sees a glimmer of hope. After peaking toward the end of last year, flu bug expert Dr. Frank Welch says they are seeing fewer people at doctor offices suffering from the flu.
Influenza, flu shots, Dr. Frank Welch

State health officials schedule free flu shots ahead of Mardi Gras
Posted on 1/25/2018 5:37:00 PM.
Due to the increasingly critical flu season, the state Health Department has announced no cost flu vaccines will be held at 55 Parish Health units across the state January 31st. The walk-in clinics will administer flu shots to anyone who has not done so yet. State Immunization Director Dr. Frank Welch says get the shot earlier if you can.More
Free Flu Shot clinics, Dr. Frank Welch, Mardi Gras

Health officials: Could be a severe flu season
Posted on 12/5/2017 11:09:00 AM.
Health officials are concerned Louisiana might have a severe flu season. There are more cases of flu here and in Alabama than elsewhere in the country. State health department Dr. Frank Welch says there are more medical visits for the flu than there should be this time of the year.
flu shot, influenza, Dr. Frank Welch

Louisiana not seeing as many flu cases as other states
Posted on 1/25/2017 11:08:00 AM.

Louisiana isn’t seeing as many flu cases as we usually do this time of year. That’s according to the state’s flu bug expert, Dr. Frank Welch, who says right now, 4 out of every 100 doctor visits in the state is for the flu. He says there’s several reasons we’re seeing a slower flu season this year.

Dr. Frank Welch, flu season, flu shot

Flu cases starting to rise just in time for the holidays
Posted on 12/23/2016 5:48:00 AM.

The holiday season is here, and unfortunately so is flu season. Dr. Frank Welch with LDH says we’re seeing a slight uptick in the number of flu cases in Louisiana.

Dr. Frank Welch, LDH, flu season, mumps

LDH urges everyone to get flu shot
Posted on 10/19/2016 5:26:00 AM.

Flu season is just around the corner, and the Louisiana Department of Health urges everyone to go out and get their flu shot. Dr. Frank Welch with LDH says despite what some people may think, getting a flu shot will not give someone the flu, and everyone needs to get vaccinated even if they got the shot last year.

Dr. Frank Welch, LDH, flu shot

LDH confirms more cases of mosquito-borne illness
Posted on 8/30/2016 12:24:00 PM.

The state Department of Health has confirmed more mosquito-borne illnesses in Louisiana, including Zika and West Nile Virus. Louisiana Medical Director for the Center for Community Preparedness, Dr. Frank Welch, says there have been 14 cases of West Nile Virus so far this year. But he says these cases are not flood related.

Dr. Frank Welch, Zika, West Nile Virus, mosquito

LDH reminds parents to make sure kids are up to date on vaccines
Posted on 8/5/2016 6:57:00 AM.

The new school year is getting underway, as some kids are already back in the classroom and others will be soon. Dr. Frank Welch with the state Department of Health reminds parents to make sure their kids are up to date on their vaccinations because there is an immunization law in Louisiana.

Dr. Frank Welch, LDH, vaccines

Louisiana receives $400,000 from CDC to fight Zika
Posted on 8/3/2016 12:04:00 PM.

Louisiana has received $400,000 from the Centers for Disease Control to fight the Zika virus. Dr. Frank Welch with the Department of Health says this money is targeted specifically for pregnant women, who are most at risk. He says the money will be used to educate both OBGYNs and women about the virus, as well as for medical care if a woman gets Zika.

Dr. Frank Welch, Zika virus, CDC, mosquito

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