Final arguments in the unanimous jury verdict debate
Posted on 11/5/2018 2:48:00 AM.

Tuesday you’ll have a chance to weigh in on whether or not the state should require unanimous jury verdicts in felony cases. It's amendment two on the ballot. The proposal has received widespread bipartisan support behind a message that former District Attorney Ed Tarpley says is clear.

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Coalition formed to push voters to support unanimous jury verdicts
Posted on 7/31/2018 7:40:00 AM.
A statewide coalition has been formed to educate voters about constitutional amendment number two on the November sixth ballot. It would require that felony convictions must be reached with a unanimous jury, instead of the current standard that requires 10 of 12 jurists to agree on a guilty verdict.
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5th District Congressional Race poll shows Riser and Mayor are getting strong support
Posted on 5/9/2014 11:08:00 AM.
A poll conducted on the 5th District Congressional race shows state senator Neil Riser as the leading republican candidate, while Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo would be the top pick for the democrats. Riser received 48-percent, while Mayo had 14-percent.
The telephone survey of five-hundred voters was conducted by pollster Darrell Glascock of Pineville
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