LGBTQ group responds to President Trump's promise to keep order preventing discrimination
Posted on 2/2/2017 6:08:00 AM.

A gay rights activist group has responded to President Donald Trump’s statement that he will not remove President Obama’s executive order protecting the LGBTQ community from workplace discrimination within the federal government. Equality Louisiana President Baylor Boyd says at this point he is cautiously optimistic.

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LGBT community terrified of Trump presidency
Posted on 11/11/2016 10:55:00 AM.

Many members of the LGBT+ community are terrified of a Trump presidency. President of Equality Louisiana Baylor Boyd says the anti-LGBT statements that came out during the Trump campaign were concerning.

Baylor Boyd, LGBT+, Equality Louisiana

Gov. Edwards signs order banning LGBT discrimination in state government
Posted on 4/13/2016 12:51:00 PM.

Governor John Bel Edwards has signed an executive order that bans discrimination against members of the LGBT community who work for the state, or who receive state services or benefits. Matthew Patterson with Equality Louisiana says it’s a great day, and a historic day, for Louisiana.

Matthew Patterson, Equality Louisiana,

Supreme Court rules gays have the right to marry
Posted on 6/26/2015 11:16:00 AM.

Same sex couples across Louisiana are celebrating today's historic Supreme Court ruling that legalizes gay marriages in every state. Matthew Patterson, with Equality Louisiana, says it's hard to put into words what this decision means to gay and lesbian couples.

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Bruce Jenner tells ABC "I am a woman"
Posted on 4/24/2015 10:42:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
Bruce Jenner, the 1976 Olympic Gold medalist, confirmed to the world Friday night that he is transgender. Jenner made the admission during a two-hour special with ABC's Diane Sawyer. Matthew Patterson of Equality Louisiana says the 65-year-old Jenner is being amazingly courageous.
bruce jenner, diane sawyer, transgender, equality louisiana, matthew patterson

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