DCFS leader says agency can't take any more cuts
Posted on 2/18/2016 11:00:00 AM.

The secretary of the Department of Children and Family Services tells legislators her department is in need of resources to care for the more than four-thousand children in foster care in Louisiana. Marketa Garner Walters spoke to the House of Appropriations about the $10.9 million hole in the DCFS budget. Garner says there is a shortage of foster homes.

Department of Children and Family Services, Marketa Garner Walters, House of Appropriations

House approves a 24-billion dollar budget that maintains funding for higher ed
Posted on 5/21/2015 4:39:00 PM.
On a 65-37 vote, the state House approved a 24-billion dollar budget for next fiscal year, sending the spending plan to the senate. House Appropriations Chairman Jim Fannin says the budget process started with a 1.6 billion dollar shortfall, but they covered much of that gap, by passing revenue generating bills, recognizing additional dollars thanks to an improved revenue forecast and other financing.
House of Appropriations, budget, Jim Fannin

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